Relevant topics (but not exclusive):

Educational Research and Technology

Experiences of Using Educational Technologies
Virtual Communities of Learning and Practice
Educational Impact of Technologies
Issues in the field of Integration of Technology in Education

Educational Problems and Technology Development

Educational Needs and Technological Solutions
Pedagogical Theories, Models Educational and Technology Development
New Students and Teachers: Roles, Relationships Education and Technology
Collaborative Learning with Technology

Learning Objects and Open Educational Resources


Learning Object Repositories

Federation and integrated search
Integration with Virtual Environments (LMS)
Integration with authoring tools

Learning and Teaching Design with Technology Support

Educational Practice Deployments

Web 2.0 in Education

Using non-Dedicated Environments for Education (Wikis, blogs, etc)
Use of Social Networks
Student Generated Materials
Personalized Learning Environments (PLE)

m-learning (Mobile and Ubiquitous Education)

Use of mobile devices for teaching and learning
Ubiquitous Learning

t-learning (Educational Television)

Learning Objects for TV (High Definition)
Effective use of television for education systems

Games and Virtual and Augmented Reality

Educational Games
Virtual, Augmented, Diminished and Mix Reality
Multi-user 3D virtual environments

Personalized Learning

Recommendation Systems
(Semi-) Automatic Creation of Courses or Lessons
Cognitive and Intelligent Tutoring

Adaptability and Accessibility

Educational Level
Technology for Inclusive Education
Special Capabilities

Other topics that the author considers relevant to the discussion on the topic of Technology for Education in the region may also be included. All articles submitted will be reviewed and weighted according to their relevance, originality, consistency and clarity by at least two reviewers from the same area.

Accepted papers will be published in an edition of the conference proceedings with ISSN number. Furthermore, the best papers will be considered for publication in related refereed journals.