James Dalziel

Proffesor of Learning Technologies
Director of the Mcquire E-Learning Centre of Excellence (MELCOE)
Mcquire University



* Slides LACLO 2013 *


Dr. James Dalziel is Professor of Learning Technology and Director of the Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He has led several projects, including

  • LAMS (Learning Activity Management System), including his role as Director of the LAMS Foundation and Director of the company LAMS International Pty Ltd,
  • MAMS (Meta Access  Management System), a project to Australian higher education.
  • RAMP (Research Activityflow and Middleware Priorities) a project investigating open standards authorization and workflow in e-Research to improve the effectiveness of research, and
  • ASK-OSS an Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source Software for Australia's higher education and research.

In addition to the roles mentioned, Dr. Dalziel helped lead the project COLIS ("Collaborative Online Learning and Information Services"), was Director of WebMCQ Pty Ltd (a company of e-learning and assessment), besides being a professor in Psychology at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Dalziel is internationally known for its research and development of innovations in e-learning, and technical standards. It also has an extensive record of refereed publications and presentations.