Sabine Graf

Proffesor of Computer Science
Expert on Adaptive e-Learning Systems
Athabasca University



 * Slides LACLO 2013 *


Dr Sabine Graf has a PhD from Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and is presently an Associate Professor at Athabasca University, School of Computing and Information Systems, in Canada. Dr Graf is leading a research group in the area of adaptive and intelligent learning systems, consisting of 16 postdoctoral fellows, PhD/MSc/undergraduate students and research assistants. Her long term research vision is to make learning systems more adaptive, intelligent and personalized, in order to better support learners and address some of the prevalent challenges in online learning, such as reducing drop-out rates and increasing learner satisfaction. Based on this vision, her research focuses on three directions: (1) the advancement of learner profiling and context modelling to automatically and dynamically identify various aspects of learner characteristics, strategies and needs from user interaction data and sensor data, (2)  the design of intelligent algorithms and mechanisms to use the comprehensive data from a learner profile and context model to adapt course structures, recommend learning paths and resources, present adaptive interfaces, and provide individualized recommendations/advice to learners in different scenarios/settings, and (3)  the advancement of techniques for learning analytics to analyse learners’ behaviour data in a system and identify indicators for the quality of learning materials and course designs as well as indicators for learners’ performance and the effective use of learning strategies.

Dr. Graf has published more than 90 peer-reviewed journal papers, book chapters, and conference papers in the above mentioned areas which have been cited over 1,000 times and three conference papers were awarded with a best paper award. Dr Graf is Executive Board Member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technologies, Editor of the Bulletin of the IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology, and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Interaction Design and Architectures. She is an active member of the research community, serving as editorial board member of five international journals, workshop chair and organizer of eleven international workshops, doctoral consortium chair at five international conferences, and guest editor of four special issues. Dr. Graf has been invited to given keynote/invited talks at universities, companies and conferences in Austria, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and UK. Furthermore, Dr. Graf is reviewer for research funding applications for programs in Austria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, France, and United Arab Emirates.