Relevant topics (but not exclusive):

Educational Research and Technology

  • Experiences of using educational technologies
  • Virtual communities of learning and practice
  • Educational impact of technologies
  • Issues in the field of integration of technology in education

Educational Problems and Technology Development

  • Educational needs and technological solutions
  • Pedagogical theories, educational models and technology development
  • New students and teachers: roles, relationships between education and technology
  • Collaborative learning with technology

Learning Objects and Open Educational Resources

  • Strategies for the development of open content
  • Management, use and evaluation od educational content

Learning Object Repositories

  • Federation and integrated search
  • Integration with virtual environments (LMS)
  • Integration with authoring tools

Web 2.0 in Education

  • Using non-dedicated environments for education (Wikis, blogs, etc)
  • Use of social networks
  • Student generated materials
  • Personalized Learning Environments (PLE)

Technologies, medias and learning modalities

  • Mobile and ubiquitous education
  • Use of mobile devices for teaching and learning
  • Ubiquitous learning
  • t-learning (Educational Television)
  • Learning Objects for TV (High Definition)
  • Effective use of television in education

Games and Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Educational games
  • Virtual, augmented, diminished and mixed reality
  • Multi-user 3D virtual environments

Personalized Learning

  • Recommendation systems in TEL
  • (Semi-) Automatic creation of courses and lessons
  • Cognitive and intelligent tutoring
  • Tools for supporting self regulated learning

Adaptability and Accessibility

  • Generation of contents in distinct languages
  • Content adaptation versus educational level
  • Student model and educational adaptation
  • Technology for inclusive education
  • Assistive technologies for special needs


  • Interactive learning and mobile devices.
  • Voting systems (such as clickers), etc.
  • Mobile phone (through text SMS notices) for distance education
  • Learning outdoors, museums, galleries, etc.
  • Lifelong learning (dictionaries, language learning, etc.)