Reegenharia de OA para REA: um Estudo de Caso com um Jogo Educativo sobre Geometria Plana

Ismar Frango Silveira, Murilo Mello, Eduardo Santos


This project aims is a deeper study to many ways to use technology within education, understanding the impact of technological education in a child's education. Will be discussed and studied the Open Educational Resources (OER), as a basis for research and application. Throughout this project, educational "open-source" codes will be enhanced, so that is introduced to a test in a child in kindergarten. The real evidence that was collected resulted in the conclusion of the study, which is, developing and introducing positively the OER learning in elementary school. The search and research were conducted with Articles and References to other works with Technology in Education. Currently, the OER is displayed only on websites and some digital catalogs, which will be extremely important for the development of this project. Searches were also conducted with students and professionals.

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